Our Clinic

The Langley Maternity Clinic started in 2005, when a group of family physicians decided to work together to offer seamless, family-centred and community-based maternity care. Since then, the LMC has been home to a committed group of doctors who also have family practices in the community. If your family physician does not provide maternity care, or if you do not have a family physician, the LMC can offer primary maternity care throughout pregnancy, childbirth, and during the first week postpartum. After that, if you have a family physician we will transfer your records back to them, and if you don’t, we will help you find one.

Services Offered

We provide maternity care throughout pregnancy, birth, and at least one week postpartum. We work closely with local obstetricians and pediatricians so that our patients receive the best and most appropriate care throughout all stages of their pregnancy. In the event that your pregnancy is deemed higher-risk, we will send you for a consultation, and if necessary, transfer your care to a local obstetrician. LMC doctors would likely continue to be involved in the care of both you and your baby after birth.

We recognize that you may have a team of people working to support you throughout your pregnancy. It is our job to help coordinate your care with the other professionals you are working with, such as a dietician, doula, psychiatrist, obstetrician, and/or social worker.


Structure of Our Care

  • The LMC provides primary maternity care—we like to meet you as early as possible in your pregnancy. When you come to the LMC, you are not assigned to a particular doctor, but rather have the opportunity to meet several physicians over the course of your pregnancy. Your prenatal information is shared with the entire team to ensure seamless, comprehensive care.
  • All of your visits will occur at the LMC, conveniently co-located on the Maternity floor of Langley Memorial Hospital.
  • An LMC physician will provide care throughout your pregnancy, labour, delivery, and during the early postpartum period. There is a physician on-call 24/7 for maternity care.
  • Any health matters unrelated to your pregnancy will continue to be treated by your family physician or walk-in clinic, depending on the circumstances.
  • After your last visit at the LMC one-week postpartum, all of your maternity records will be sent to your family physician.