Why Choose Us?

Seamless Care

  • We provide seamless prenatal and labour care. Visits can be scheduled Monday through Friday between 9am and 4pm.
  • We are a group of experienced family physicians who are passionate about maternity care. Shared care ensures that your information and preferences are known to every doctor in the group.
  • We work closely with local obstetricians and pediatricians, and refer to specialists in any field when appropriate.
  • The on-call LMC doctor is readily available, and you can contact the Maternity Ward at any time for labour, birth, and emergencies.


Professional Standards

  • We integrate current professional standards and guidelines into our practice through our participation in the MoreOB program, as well as other continuing medical education.
  • We strongly value the importance of communication, trust and respect with our patients and their families.


Committed to Our Community

  • We are committed to helping 100% of unattached patients find family physicians in our community.
  • Location, location, location! We are conveniently located on the Maternity Ward at Langley Memorial Hospital.
  • Our facilities offer single-room labour and delivery, as well as private bathrooms.
  • You are welcome to involve support people of your choice in your delivery experience.